Magnetic Spray Can Holder

Magnetic Tool Tray Holder Storage Accessory Trays, Magnetic Spray Can Holder, Magnetic Aerosol Can & Screwdriver Holder, Magnetic Tool Box Side Tray, Multi-Magnetic Tool Tray Holder

Additional information

Model Number

FGMH-7071, FGMH-7072, FGMH-7073


Powder Coated


0.8mm( T )Steel

Product Details:



   Model      Size Hold Up
FGMH-7071 110 * 96 * 126 1.5
FGMH-7072 110 * 210 * 126 1.92
FGMH-7073 110 * 300 * 126 2.62

To maximize your Tool storage space on tools chest, trolleys, cabinets, and workbenches we have added a new Storage Accessory range to our storage Category. The new range comprises of 4 storage accessory products which include a Tool Tray (with large open design), Utility tray (with internal divider and tool slots), Glove/tissue dispenser (which suits all common sizes boxes of tissues/disposable gloves), and a Paper Towel holder (which is fully adjustable to accept most common shop & hand rolls).
Each Storage accessory is finished in a tough black powder coat, is fitted with powerful cushioned magnets which will resist scratching but provide a strong bond to any metal surface, and also allowing for it to be easily removed or moved to another location.
The various Storage Accessory trays are ideal for storing Parts, Tools, Aerosol cans, Spray bottles, Gloves, Tissue, Paper towel, and much more….

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