Round Magnetic Tray

Magnetic Parts Tray, Permanent Magnetic Tray, Magnetic Tray for Tools, Round Magnetic Tray Stainless Steel Bowl Parts Organizer Metal Holder

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Model Number

FGMT-7140, FGMT-7141, FGMT-7142


tough stainless steel(430/0.4 mm)

Product Details:



   Model Diameter Depth
FGMT-7140 75 mm(3”) 17
FGMT-7141 108 mm(4”) 17
FGMT-7142 147mm(6”) 17

Magnetic Trays keep small parts and tools from disappearing when you’re working on your car with one of these ROUND Oval-shaped magnetic tool trays, decorated with the logo for your favorite brand of car.

A powerful magnet will hold a handful of parts, and a ratchet and sockets securely
Non-scratch magnets on the base won’t scratch the paint.

People who work on cars, whether they’re professional mechanics or weekend scratchers, share a common problem: keeping all the parts straight. Invariably, you’ll drop some tiny little fastener, never to see it again. And it’s even worse if you’re working out of doors or in the pits at some racetrack. Grass or gravel are not kind if you’ve lost some oddball clip by knocking it off the fender. The easiest way to avoid that is using a magnetic tool tray. They’ll hold a handful of parts and fasteners, and a few sockets to boot and the powerful magnets will anchor everything made of steel to the bottom of the tray like chewing gum to the bottom of your shoe on a hot day. Keep this irreplaceable bounty out of harm’s way by sticking the magnetic tray just about anywhere-and that includes to the inside of the hood, upside down and conveniently over your head. Yes, the magnets are that powerful.

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