Extra Large Heavy Duty Magnetic Parts Tray

Extra Large Heavy Duty Magnetic Parts Tray, Four Bowls Magnetic Parts Holder, Magnetic Side Tray, Stainless Steel Tray with Magnetic Base, Permanent Steel Magnetic Square Tray

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Model Number



tough stainless steel (430/0.4mm)


270(W)X292(L)mm(10-1/2”x11 -112″)

Product Details:

Part No: FGMT-7008

Size: 270(W)X292(L)mm(10-1/2”x11 -112″)
Depth: 30mm(1-3/16″)
Material: tough stainless steel (430/0.4mm)
Magnet: diameter 80mm(3-1/4”)x4pc, 1000-1200 gauss
PVC bottom prevents from being scratched.

The Magnetic Trays are a handy tool for any garage or workshop to help prevent the loss of steel parts during repairs.

Keep loose nuts, screws, and other small metal items in reach. Smooth stainless steel trays have powerful ceramic magnets with rubber covers in the base to secure the tray to a metal toolbox or table while keeping important metal pieces at hand. Store metal parts and tools during assembly and disassembly. Ideal for mechanics, craftsmen, and hobbyists. Keep small parts and tools from disappearing when you’re working on your car with one of these ROUND Oval-shaped magnetic tool trays, decorated with the logo for your favorite brand of car.

Heavy-duty 1000 ~ 1200 gausses permanent magnet.
Flexible PVC cover on the magnet prevents scuffing and scratching the valuable surface.
Stainless steel or plastic tray resists corrosion.
Convenient for collection of small parts and tools.
For the plastic tray, custom color is available.

magnetic parts tray, magnetic parts bowl, magnetic parts holder
1. Made from ABS
2. Magnetic inside surface is great for securing small metal objects
3. Can be easily mounted on toolboxes
4. Surface is magnet coated with a rubber sleeve for added surface protection
5. Tray is adjustable to secure items in both the horizontal or vertical positions
6. For keeping track of small metal objects

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