Double Bowls Magnetic Tool Tray

Double Bowls Magnetic Tool Tray, Rectangular Magnetic Parts Dish, Magnetic Stainless Steel Tray, Magnetic Parts Tray with Rubberized Magnet, Magnetic Parts Tray Dish Holder

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tough stainless steel (430/0.5mm)



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Part No: FGMT-7006A
Size: 140(W)X240(L)mm(5-3/8”x9-3/8”)
Depth: 28mm(1-1/8”)
Material: tough stainless steel (430/0.5mm)
Magnet:diameter 80mm(3-1/4M)x2pcs,1000-1200 gauss
PVC bottom prevents from being scratched.

Magnetic Stainless Steel Tray Keeps Projects on Track
With this magnetic stainless steel tray, say goodbye to all those escaping nuts, bolts, and loose, wandering screws. The tray corrals all your small items, including drill bits and fasteners, so you don’t have to search for 10 minutes (or more) for a misplaced part and delay finishing work on any important job. You can also attach the tray to any metal object and place your items.

The magnetic stainless steel tray is perfect for auto repair work or any DIY jobs where you have to keep track of loose nuts and bolts. And if you knock the tray over, the small parts remain in place – no more losing time searching for just that one part that prevents you from completing a job on time. The Craftsman tray is made from heavy-gauge stainless steel, so it’s strong and durable for daily use. It also resists gas and oil buildup and is easy to clean.
The magnetic stainless steel tray is made from heavy-gauge stainless steel…

Choose your suitable Magnetic Bowl, Magnetic Containing Tools
Magnetic bowls
A must-have bench top accessory that keeps small parts accessible and all in one place to prevent loss.
Magnetic Bowls with an extra-strong magnet to stop you from losing vital component parts on the floor, under the workbench, or in the grass. Different sizes and styles for your selection.

stainless steel rectangular Magnetic tray for easily organizing your hardware and small tools handy.
Top-quality products made of a strong magnet and stainless steel.
A strong magnet holds your tools and artworks securely even upside down.
Must have for car mechanics and machinist.
Made with ISO 9001 certified procedures.

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